Identity and Mission


Multitudes of disciples of Jesus, devoted to loving God and others in community, impacting Tampa Bay and beyond with the Gospel.


Be disciples who make disciples in multiplying small groups that give expression to God's Kingdom and grow thriving new churches into existence.

Who we are

We're a community devoted to knowing and loving God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Following the Great Commandment, we aim to love God and people completely. Embracing the Great Co-Mission, we strive to be disciples who make disciples. Our vision is to become a "Cell-Church," not a church with small groups, but a church comprised of multiplying small groups. These groups, known as "Connect Groups," are the building blocks of our community and they give expression to our belief that every disciple is called to be a disciple-maker and that we do this best in community with other believers. 

What we do

On Sundays, we gather to Celebrate God and His ongoing work in our lives. Throughout the week, in Connect groups, we focus on relationships, introducing others to Jesus, growing and multiplying disciples.  As a church we support this mission by offering biblical training in EQUIP classes and ongoing care through Discipleship Groups. Our goal is to partner with Jesus in His work of saving, loving, and growing people in multiplying communities of disciples to impact our city and world—and all for God’s glory. 

For more information, contact us:

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